UV Printing Offers Range of Options to Tracy, Manteca, and San Joaquin, CA Businesses

At Pixel Perfect Printing, we strive to offer our customers all the latest tools, techniques, and products in printing at affordable prices. Our new UV printer does just that. With a sleek and effective design, the LEF 300 is able to meet all your printing needs, no matter how unusual or specific your project.

High volume demands

Our UV printer was built to fulfill high volume projects, so you don’t have to worry about faulty equipment delaying your printing order. We can print large quantities of your design on almost any surface without the printer jamming, breaking, or otherwise lengthening the job.

Unlimited customization

Because of its advanced design, the LEF 300 can print almost anything on any surface. Want to place a custom design on phone cases, or print the name of your business on a leather jacket? Our UV printer ensures your design will not bleed, tear, or otherwise be disrupted, no matter the material.

Fast and effective

Boasting a speed of 1.6 times faster than previous models, the LEF 300 helps us guarantee your order is fulfilled on-time and correctly. The printer’s base includes a built-in vacuum table to reduce set-up and prevent errors. Couple this with our experienced staff, your new product will come out exactly how you want it to.

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