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Pixel Perfect Printing can print your latest business artwork, signage, stickers, and other marketing materials. Our wide selection of paper, canvas, vinyl and other distinct surfaces combined with our quality equipment ensure you are getting the best value at an affordable price. 

We know how difficult it can be to come up with an effective marketing campaign. Printed advertisements are a great way to attract customers without having to spend a large amount of money on unknown results.


We strive to maintain friendly customer service and long lasting client relationships, with the goal of becoming the only printing service you will ever need.


Commercial Signage

UV Printing

Create custom stickers

Stickers are a great way to inexpensively promote your business. Hand them out, post them around town, or offer them in giveaways and sales. Our stickers are printed on high-quality materials and can be custom cut into virtually any shape, from squares and circles, to more unique designs.

Try our new UV printer

Our new LEF 300 UV printer can print on essentially any surface, making it a great choice for a unique ad campaign. Print custom phone cases, boxes, handbags and more without worrying about faulty products or poor quality. The LEF 300 prints approximately 1.6 times faster than previous models, so your printing project is completed quickly and efficiently. Trust in our talented staff to help you print the design of your dreams.

We offer commercial signage

Commercial signs offer a wide range of customer acquisition and often become the calling card of a business. A well-made sign can attract new customers as well as help turn a business into a “brand.” They are also durable, long lasting, and easily visible, making them the perfect option for marketing. With our high functioning printers, as well as a variety of options for color, size, and shape, we can help you create more exposure for your business with the perfect commercial sign.

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